Build tools that fit your business perfectly.

Stop relying on generic off-the-shelf software. Build custom internal tools that streamline operations without writing a line of code.

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Move faster with no-code development
Instead of relying on software developers, enable your team members to build their own custom admin tools to make their work more efficient. No coding experience required.
Flexible CRMs
Fully custom data management systems for sales and beyond.
Project Management
Move projects through custom stages and edit info.
Easily visualize client data with charts, tables and graphs.
Customer Portals
Allow customers to view and manage their own data.
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Build A Custom CRM

Create software that matches your workflow. Whether you have a spreadsheet or a REST API, you can build a powerful CRM or data management tool in just a few minutes.

  • User Management
  • Edit / Update Data
  • Secure Login
  • Sorting / Filtering
  • Dynamic Data
  • No Code Required

Multiplayer Mode

Provide your team and clients with secure logins to view or edit only the data you want to share, and nothing more.

  • Custom Permissions
  • Show / Hide Pages
  • Multiple App Editors
  • Limit Access By App

No Code Required

Spend time solving your business problems, not learning advanced programming. Frontly is designed to be user-friendly for users of all technical backgrounds.

Simple is beautiful

The easiest way to build internal tools.

  1. Add Modules

    Modules are the basic building blocks of a Frontly app, like Tables and Forms.

  2. Connect Your Data

    Sync with your spreadsheets, Airtable or custom API in seconds.

  3. Style & Publish

    Add your branding, customize pages and deploy your new custom tool.

Plans start at $8 per user, per month
All plans include a 7-day trial and all the important features for building your tools:
Custom Actions
Chain multi-step actions to fetch data, trigger updates, navigate pages and more.
Data Integrations
Connect your spreadsheets, Airtable or custom API in seconds.
Permission Roles
Define custom permission levels for providing granular access to your users.
Add your logo, brand color and custom domain for a fully branded experience.
Instantly offer secure login-based accounts with permissions.
Trigger Emails
Send custom emails to users based on actions in your app.
Dynamic Content
Build sophisticated apps with data that changes in real-time.
No Code Required
Built for for non-developers. Set up entire apps without writing a line of code.
Custom Layouts
Use rows to build layouts with side-by-side modules.
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