Build your SaaS front-end with no code.

Connect your data, build your interface and launch your app all in a few hours. No coding or software developers required.

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Works with your backend of choice:

Build your front-end without limits
No code solutions often disappoint. We built Frontly from the ground up for production-scale SaaS products, with flexibility and scalability at the core.
SaaS Products
Launch client-facing apps in minutes without writing any code.
Authentication, emails, permissions and custom listings.
Easily visualize client data with charts, tables and graphs.
Flexible CRMs
Fully custom data management systems for sales and beyond.
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Launch real SaaS products with your back-end of choice

Whether you have a spreadsheet or a REST API, you can launch a powerful app with all the features you need. Using our pre-designed components, design your interface and connect to your data in minutes.

  • User Management
  • Edit / Update Data
  • Secure User Login
  • Sorting / Filtering
  • Dynamic Data
  • No Code Required

Solve real business challenges with no code

Give employees and clients a secure login to view and edit only the data you want them to access, without giving access to your spreadsheet. Pull data from multiple sheets into one page or app.

  • Automate processes
  • Create custom dashboards
  • Visualize data
  • Let clients securely view / edit data
Simple is beautiful

The easiest way to build an app.

  1. Add Modules

    Modules are the basic building blocks of a Frontly app, like Tables, Forms and Buttons.

  2. Connect Your Data

    Sync with Google Sheets, Airtable, custom API or other no-code back-end in seconds.

  3. Style & Publish

    Add your branding, customize pages and deploy your brand new functional user-ready web app.

Plans starting at $29
per user
per month
All plans come with a 30-day free trial and include all the important features to build your app:
Custom Actions
Chain multi-step actions to fetch data, trigger updates, navigate pages and more.
Data Integrations
Connect your Google Sheet, Airtable custom API or no-code back-end in minutes.
Permission Roles
Define custom permission levels for providing granular access to your users.
Add your logo, brand color and custom domain for a fully branded experience.
Instantly offer secure login-based accounts with permissions.
Trigger Emails
Send custom emails to users based on actions in your app.
Dynamic Content
Build complex apps with conditional rendering and real-time data updates.
No Code Required
Built for startup founders to launch real SaaS Products without writing code.
Super Flexible
Build custom layouts with our flex-based row/column system or write custom components with HTML/CSS.
*$29 plan is limited to 1 admin user, 25,000 monthly API requests and 100 membership users
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