Build Apps With Google Sheets

Launch custom apps in minutes with only a Google Sheet and absolutely no-code required.

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Build apps in as little as 10 minutes

With just a Google Sheet, you can launch a powerful app with all the features you need. Using our pre-designed components, design your interface and connect to your data in minutes.

  • User Management
  • Edit / Update Data
  • Secure User Login
  • Sorting / Filtering
  • Dynamic Data
  • No Code Required

Solve real business challenges with no code

Give employees and clients a secure login to view and edit only the data you want them to access, without giving access to your spreadsheet. Pull data from multiple sheets into one page or app.

  • Automate tasks
  • Streamline processes
  • Create custom dashboards
  • Visualize data
  • Let clients securely view / edit data
  • Free conferences
Simple is beautiful

The easiest way to build an app.

  1. Select A Theme

    Frontly's theme library includes options for any use case, from internal dashboards to consumer web products.

  2. Connect Your Sheet

    Frontly turns your ordinary Google Sheet into a dynamic database for your application.

  3. Style & Publish

    Add your branding, customize pages and deploy your brand new client-ready web application.

Pricing made simple.

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  • 500 sheet requests
  • 1 collaborator
  • 5 app pages
  • Membership (5 members)
  • Frontly branding
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$ 49 /mo

  • 10,000 sheet requests
  • 1 collaborator
  • 10 app pages
  • Membership (25 members)
  • No Frontly branding
  • Custom domain
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$ 199 /mo

  • 100,000 sheet requests
  • 3 collaborators
  • Unlimited app pages
  • Membership (2,000 members)
  • No Frontly branding
  • Custom domain
  • Dedicated support
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No hiring developers, no code required. Just you, and your great idea coming to life.

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